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Simple Solutions for IT

This is what we do, which is why we don’t complicate things. Simple solutions for IT based on the Border of Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire / Cambridgeshire. We work with Warehouses, Accountants and growing businesses to provide systems that are tailored to each business. From Office 365 for Business, Consultancy, or on demand remote support services, Dr Jones PC Support is here for you and your business.

If you’re interested in how we can work with you and your business, why not book your free 30 minute consultation below?

With us, it really is simple solutions for IT.

"Highly recommend - you should definitely come here for IT services."

N O'Sullivan

"Our new PC is fantastic and the remote support is second to none. I would recommend this business to anyone"

Sapphire Hair and Beauty Academy

"Always at the end of the phone or email to assist with issues and really know their stuff. I would highly recommend using this business."

Harrisons Accountancy Limited


Who we work with

We supply & support products and services from:

SImple IT solutions for business

With us, you get

Easy & Effective IT Solutions

Professionally built IT Solutions

Simple day to day IT Solutions

Budget Friendly IT Solutions

is business growth slow?

“My business is…”

Stuck in one place

We’ve all had moments where we need to work on something out of hours. If you’re stuck in the office to do this, important matters elsewhere will be missing out.

Running Too many systems

Business runs far better when you have fewer places to manage. It also means you’re paying less money too, which is an overall bonus on the budgets.

Struggling to keep up

Next generation doesn’t mean next budget bracket. By introducing more efficient ways to grow, you will be keeping up with trends and resources that will have your competitors falling behind.

Not Mobile Friendly

We spend more time with our phones than we do with computers. Having easy to use systems on phones empowers your business to do more from anywhere.

spend too much time fixing things?

Simple is best for growing your business

On average, our clients notice vast improvements to their processes within the first 60 days of signing up. This is because we work with our clients to understand what they need, why they need it and the results they are trying to achieve. From IT consultation right through to go live day, we aim to give you the best experience to really maximize your potential business growth. 

drive your business forward, everywhere

Your business should work on all major devices

There is a growing need to to be able to work from anywhere, access everything and send what you need. You also need to be able to do this in a smooth, simple way that doesn’t take days of training to get used to using. We work with businesses regularly to implement better shared storage, simple and easy to find as well as being the same look regardless if you are using a Windows, Mac, Apple iOS or Android device.

It’s time to reduce costs by making your processes much simpler, leaving your business in a much better position to work on growth and profits.

You’re the boss

You know your business better than anyone

Understanding you as a business means asking the right questions to find the right solutions.  If you get stuck using systems that just confuse you, you spend more time trying to make it work for you. We like to get to know you as a business before we begin to recommend what is going to give you the best chance of concentrating on the important matters.

Why not get in touch for a quick telephone conversation with us to break the ice and start your moving business towards a better, simpler way of working? 

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