Protecting your child’s growth

With the announcement of school closures for children of parents who aren’t classed as key workers, this presents a huge challenge for the children and teachers. Both schools and pre-schools are going to suffer.

Here at Dr Jones PC Support, we have kicked off Project VSchool – Virtual classrooms to fit up to 100 students and teachers per virtual school.

Virtual Schools can be accessed from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device and you don’t need to have a camera or microphone to attend classes.

Teachers can set class times, and can share content on the screen to allow clear content whilst teaching pupils. 

Giving Options

Nominate a School or Pre-School

Once you donate, you will be able to send us a message with your name and email address so we can locate your donation. If you know a contact for them, we would appreciate that being added in the message. If we can’t locate a contact, we will send you an update.

Give a One-Time Gift

One £5 gift donation provides one classroom of up to 100 pupils and staff for up to 1 year. This isn’t a monthly donation, but one simple one-off donation per virtual school.

More than £5

For anyone who wishes to donate more than £5, please get in touch using the nomination form below, or by calling us on 01767 668616.

What do they get

100 opportunities.

Each virtual school gets up to 100 logins. This can be any combo of pupils vs teachers.

Schools with more than 100 pupils can ask for more schools, but they will not be able to cross communicate with other virtual schools.


Multiple rooms

Schools have more than one classroom, so we can create different spaces (called private rooms) to try and reflect the same setup. As long as the number doesn’t go over 100 pupils / staff and 30 different private rooms.

Each Virtual School comes with 1 playground for all pupils to talk to each other in a group and 1 staff lounge for the teachers to communicate in private.


Funds donated so far

Donations received 

Thank you to all of the donations given. So far we have managed to raise:


£30 donated

Virtual Schools Built

The total number of virtual schools that we have built and provided are:


1 Built

Children provided for

The amount of children that are able to receive virtual education:


32 Children

Business Sponsors

Businesses who sponsor can have their names placed here to show how much they care for the communities they operate in.

To donate more than £5, please contact us on 01767 668616 or by using the nomination form down below.

Nominate for a donation


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