Terms of Service – Service Expectation

Everything you need to know about how we provide our services, including when we make changes to terms and conditions. If you feel something is missing or not easily understood, we welcome your feedback here.

What you can expect from us

We aim to resolve 95% of our Service Desk inquiries and faults within 2 working days. We define a working day from Monday to Friday with exception of Weekend and Bank Holidays. The service expectation begins when you are provided with a ticket reference from our service desk, confirming the start of your service request.

Exceptions to this are when the fault or request requires 3rd party intervention, parts or support in order to fulfill a request.

Expectations on purchases

When you purchase a product or service from us, you are forming a contract between customer and business. This means that for a period of time, should there be any queries or challenges with your service or product, we should be your first port of call.

Further details on how to speak to us about your purchase or to view our returns policy, please see our repairs and returns section.

Expectations on hardware support

We qualify a hardware repair as a “request that involves the replacement or installation of hardware.” This includes network based requests where we supply and install network based hardware. Upon installation, you can expect to be made aware of warranties and general housekeeping for your hardware.

For hardware replacements on data storage devices such as hard drives, USB devices and Compact Disks, we actively destroy devices upon replacement. We do not refurbish, resell, reuse or redistribute data storage devices which have previously been used.

Expectations on data destruction

Devices that are not flagged for our attention as data sensitive (data which contains protected data such as personal information or identifiable information) undergo standard wiping which is not certified before destruction. If the data is protected under Data Protection Regulations, we offer a certified destruction service for £30.00 + VAT (£36) for each device.

Expectations on remote software support

We define Software as “a digital product which is installed and activated on a device or computer, which relies on physical hardware to function.” We are not a software design company and do not create or sell our own software. All software supplied by us are created and distributed under 3rd party approvals and regulations.

For details specific to a software package or product, you can contact us for information. Each product will be supplied with it’s own policies which are specific to each product sold.

When we respond to requests to install, change or repair software, you are agreeing to providing administrative access to that platform or package. Requests which can’t grant this level of access could impact how we carry out the services required.

Expectations on service desk support

Our Service Desk brand “Business Tech Support” is administered by DRJPCS Limited. This service provides an easy way for our customers to alert us to a request. These requests fall under inquiries, faults, purchases and change requests.

Business Tech Support is a service that is only available to customers on monthly prepaid contracts which come complete with a customer log in portal and request history, as well as creating new requests. Customers not on monthly prepaid contracts will have access to our email response system, where communication is carried out via electronic mail. All customers with Service Desk accounts are subject to SLA policies outlined in their contractual agreements.

To find out more about what information our Service Desk collects, please see our Privacy Policy.

Service Level Agreements


We class a fault (or incident) as the inability to perform to the expected standards within reason. Faults that require no site visitation are expected to be completed within 3 working days. Site visitation is expected to be booked within 3 working days, anticipating completion on the day of visitation.

“Within reason” would be to expect a computer to be able to log in and support your chosen activity. Outside of reason would be to expect a computer with a specification that doesn’t support fast speeds to perform the same as a computer which does support fast speeds.


We class a repair as the service to return a device to a working condition that is both fit for purpose and reliable within reason. Repairs that do not require additional parts or services are expected to take between two and five working days. Repairs that require 3rd party parts or support may increase this expectation set.

“Within reason” would be to expect an internet connection to support downloads and uploads. Outside of reason would be to expect an internet connection to reach speeds of 250 Mbps download speeds when the package itself only supports 150 Mbps.


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