Terms of Service – Repairs and Returns

Everything you need to know about how we handle repairs and what to do if you need to return something to us. If you feel something is missing or not easily understood, we welcome your feedback here.

Repair Services

What is a repair?

Our repair service is defined as the investigation, acquisition, replacement or amendment of an existing product that you give us permission to support. By carrying out these services, we operate under the authorization of the customer to carry out these tasks to the best of our ability to improve on your current experience.

To see what is expected of us during the repair process, please visit Service Expectation


How does it work?

When our customers contract us to repair something, the start of the service is when we are given access to the product. This can be when a computer is handed into our Workshop or when we initiate a remote control session. Once the service begins, it becomes chargeable.

Exchange, Warranty & Returns Policy

As a consumer, when you buy any product from us as part of a repair or service, your rights are protected by law.

Faults on products purchased through us

Where an item has been bought as part of a repair, you are entitled to a refund or replacement on the part, in the event of faulty hardware during it’s warranty period. Refunds occur in the event where we are unable to repair or replace the product. 

Warranties do not include the cost of labour. We do, however, offer a 30 day period from purchase where labour is not chargeable on faulty goods.

If a product is sold individually outside of a repair or service it is subject to the manufacturers warranty. We will provide a replacement for your product (provided the manufacturers warranty has not been broken.)

Products that are to be returned under the manufacturers warranty can take up to 7 days to replace whilst we confirm warranty status on products.

Changing your mind on purchases

If you change your mind on a purchase the following policies apply:

Hardware – Can be returned within 14 days of purchase provided that no seals have been broken and the product is in a sell-able condition. See the section on “Returns on products purchased through us.”

Software – Once the product has been activated, we are unable to offer a refund. In most cases, software is already activated upon purchase.

Returns on products purchased through us

Items sold individually that are not part of a repair can be returned to us within 14 days of purchase, provided that the item has been unopened and in a condition where the product can still be sold as new.

If the item packaging shows signs of tamper, this is not in a condition where we can re-sell the product.

We reserve the right to offer a replacement for the product, or a voucher to the value of the product which can be re-used towards another product or service we offer. 

Products sold as part of a repair can not be returned as these will have been opened and are not in a condition to be re-sold.

We will only accept returns on these products if they are faulty and meet the requirement covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Note: It is the responsibility of the consumer to confirm the warranties of the part, or ask for a copy of the warranty information which must be kept safe during the ownership of the product.

Not covered by warranty

It is the responsibility of the consumer to read through all documentation provided within the product to fully understand what this warranty covers.

Any product that has expired in warranty will not be covered by any replacement or repair policies which would normally provide a financial discount or rebate.

Exempt from refunds

We are unable to offer refunds for Delivery / Carriage costs associated in acquiring and delivering the products sold to you. If your purchase has a delivery or carriage cost on it, this is not refundable.

Products that have passed 14 days from the purchase are not eligible for a refund, unless faulty and satisfy the manufacturers warranty requirements and we are not able to repair or replace the faulty product.

Custom Goods that are specifically bought through us, are exempt from returns unless faulty. Once the product order has been fulfilled (delivered and/or installed) then you waiver your right to return the product to us. See “Faults on products purchased through us” for more information.

Labour costs can not be refunded once the appointment has started. It is, however, the sole discretion of DRJPCS LTD to waiver this fee if we feel the need to do so.

Eligibility for refunds

All refunds are required that you provide your invoice or receipt upon request. We can only refund to the payment card or bank account that funds were transferred from.  Payments originally made in cash must be returned to a bank account of choosing. We are unable to offer cash as a refund method, nor can we refund to a card that was not originally present when payment was made.

If the original card or bank account is no longer available, we can still offer vouchers which are usable towards all of our products and services.



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