Terms of Service – Pricing of services

Everything you need to know about how we charge for our services. If you feel something is missing or not easily understood, we welcome your feedback here.

Pricing Categories

Our services are split into 4 different categories of pricing. These are as follows:

Support Services

Support Services are services in which we provide that is both chargeable, and does not supply you with any product at completion. These are services such as Remote Support, Hardware Repairs & Service Desk.

There may be circumstances in which we bundle these services in with a package offer.

Affiliate / Resale Offers

Affiliate and Resale is what we refer to as an offer of a product, service or both as a third party to one of our carefully chosen suppliers. We do not offer our own products and services out for affiliate sales comissions.

There may be circumstances in which we bundle these services in with a package offer.


Sales are services in which you are provided with a usable product upon completion. Examples of these are software, hardware, cloud storage and security.

There may be circumstances in which sales are part of a package offer.

Consultation Services

Consultations are a service which we provide in order to make an offer to supply a product, service, affiliate offer or all three as part of an agreed package.

These services always consist of a package offer.

Pricing of each service

Below is how we price our services. Not all services have a fixed price, and will not show rates.

Support Services

This service is normally billed per hour, month or year in accordance with the type of request or contract that is currently agreed too.

Affiliate / Resale Offers

This service is priced by commission percentages and may or may not include service charges. 


This service is based on market rates at the time of offer.

Consultation Services

This service is an agreed rate per request, but may be subject to change if changes are made to requests once the consultation has initiated. 

Other chargeable services

Below is services that are not included in any of the four main services, but are still chargeable if required.

Call outs

This is a chargeable service in which we are called out to site. The costs for this service vary depending on the distance from our main office.

On site rates

Our standard rate is £50 + VAT (£60) for each hour we are on site, over and above the initial call out.

Collection and Delivery

This service is priced by distance from our main office. Standard charges start at £10 + VAT (£12)

Additional Charges

Depending on the complexity of work required, there may be times when additional repair work or hardware is required to fix a fault that was not possible to have been discovered prior to inspection. Additional charges are not included in any quotes or estimates provided.

VAT and other charges

The below charges are either legally required, or subject to late payments and defaults.

VAT - Value Added Tax

DRJPCS Limited is both VAT registered and a Private Limited Company. Our prices are shown excluding VAT and inclusive of VAT inside (brackets). We do not operate any products or services which are exempt from VAT.

VAT registration number: GB279463260
Company Registration Number: 11002345

Charges for missed payments

We reserve the right to add additional costs to the overall settlement for things such as late payment charges.

If we have to chase for payments, we charge a standard administrative fee of £10.00 + VAT for each communication. We will not chase more than twice per calendar month. If we hear from you within 2 working days we will waver the administrative fee.

Failure to settle your account

We will send a maximum of 3 communications before your account becomes defaulted. Defaulted accounts are passed on to a debt collection agency for enforcement.

Additional charges applied to your invoice are as followed:

£25 + VAT for £1,000 – £9,999.99
£50 + VAT for £10,000 and above

We also apply the statutory interest rate of 8.75% from the date of your overdue invoice, calculated over the amount of days your payment has been missed. For comparison, a £1000 outstanding debt would accrue £7.43 of interest for being 31 days overdue.

DRJPCS Limited employs Crunch to chase debts on our behalf.

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