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Data Handling Services

Data handling services are requests where you ask us to recover, move, store, backup or destroy data that you are accountable for.

What counts as data?

Data is described as:​

“The digital media or files that are present on physical or digital storage that are read, altered or deleted by applications on an electronic device.”

These may be more recognisable in formats such as documents, music, videos, spreadsheets, etc. If you are looking for Data that refers to the information on an individual or corporate entity, please refer to our privacy policy.

Data Handling Services – The differences

There are different ways that data is handled. Here are the generalised descriptions:

​Data Recovery

When data is considered lost or inaccessible, data recovery is a method used to move data to a source where they can be accessed.

Data Retention​

When the holding of data over a period of time that is accessible immediately or by access request, this is what we call data retention.

Data Destruction

When data is securely destroyed and rendered inaccessible by normal means. The level of destruction can vary depending on requirements.​​

Responsibilities for your Data

When it comes to overall responsibility of data, most companies are not responsible for your data before, during and after any service they carry out. This is normally the responsibility of an individual to make copies of critical data where possible. Our own exceptions to these conditions are services where we are contracted to protect your data from loss. 

The liabilities of data is a vast area of many different policies and procedures, so all our protective data services come with their own guidelines that are provided upon contracting us for such services.

Overview of Services which are used to retain data, but are the responsibilities of the customer

Cloud Storage (OneDrive / Google Drive / DropBox / Etc)

External Storage (USB drives / Network Storage / Etc)

Local storage (Internal Hard Drives)

Overview of Services which are used to retain data, but are the responsibilities of the company

​Office 365 for Business SaaS Protect

GSuite for Business Saas Protect

Macrium Reflect Backup and Protect

Datto Alto Backup and Protect

When we recover data, we do this in two ways. Restore to Cloud and Restore to device.

Restore to Cloud

Restore to cloud is a service where we recover files and place them on our secure cloud server. We use DropBox and OneDrive as our primary points of storage.


Restore to Device

Restore to device is where we recover files and place them on an external drive.


Recovery types

External Drive – A 1TB drive which is added to your final cost

Cloud Drive – We have a £20 + VAT administrative fee for storage in the cloud – Up to 250GB.

Provided Drive – If you provide the drive, we do not charge for storage services.


Initial recovery checks are £50 + VAT to check if data can be recovered.

Our basic data recovery services are priced at £50 + VAT for each 100GB of data we recover. Your first 100GB is included in the initial recovery check if the data can be recovered.

Our advanced data recovery services are priced at £220 + VAT which includes all data on a specified source.


When we handle data

It is our policy to only delete data under explicit instruction. If no instruction is received then data will not be removed under any circumstance unless deemed to be destructive to the environment they are stored. This includes malicious software and corrupted files.

Malicious and corrupt files are always deleted without consent or warning to protect the integrity of all other data stored.

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