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It can be very daunting when looking for someone to come and fix your computer or laptop. Rest assured, we have you covered. We have a number of ways to get in touch to ask us all the questions you need, before deciding if we are your best option for support.



Steps To Take When You’ve got a problem

When it comes to repairs, there are two stages to this. Proactive (we know about a problem before it happens) and Reactive (we are responding to a problem that has already happened.)

Examples of Proactive repairs are faulty hard drives which still work but are very slow, or taking two or three attempts to start your computer but you do eventually get in.

Examples of Reactive repairs are when your computer wont turn on at all, be it power or a blue screen, etc. Missing / Lost data is also another example.

The good news is that whether it’s proactive or reactive response, we are confident that you’ll find the support you need to get you up and running again.


Data loss - Stop using your device and call a professional.

No Power - Never open up your computer.

Water Damage on Laptops - Open up fully and turn it keyboard side down.

Smells and Smoke - Turn off immediately and unplug any power source.

Overheating - Make sure laptop or computer has plenty of ventilation.


Increase your potential

When it comes to upgrading your computer or laptop, we can recommend a number of different ways to do so. That is, once we know what you have. The most common type of upgrades that we do are memory and hard drive upgrades for boosted speed.

If slow computers are a common thing you work with, get in touch today to discuss with usĀ about how an upgrade will boost your experience.



What People Are Saying

Definitely recommend Dr. Jones PC Support. My computer was incredibly slow and barely usable, it is now as good as new after a few repairs and an upgrade. Friendly and helpful service. Very reasonably priced too.

L Ackroyd

Upgrade Service, Facebook Review - 5 Star

Extremely helpful and reasonable. I’m elated with my laptop which is now at good as if it were brand new! Thank you so much for your patience and guidance. I’m so pleased.

O Goodwin

Repair Service, Google Review - 5 Star

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