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Site Security Notice


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This site security notice covers all trading names of DRJPCS LTD which includes our trading name “Dr. Jones PC Support” and our Service Desk brand “Business Tech Support.”

 Registered in England & Wales – Company Number 11002345


Security Systems

 Our websites and are covered by secure connections, anti-spam and security to protect our visitors. We employ a number of different securities to provide various functions to prevent causing harm, disruption or data breach as a result of using our site. 

 Visiting our sites requires us to collect location data, IP addresses and a number of other non-specific information to prevent fraudulent, hacking or spam attacks in order to provide legitimate visits the freedoms of a smooth and safe browsing experience.


All forms of data input on our site is subject to checks against our vast database to prevent spam and data breach. This service is provided by Clean Talk. You can read the GDPR and Privacy statement of our anti-spam supplier here.

Anti-Malware, Firewall and Security

We use the latest in website security to protect our site from various attacks and breaches by preventing unauthorised users, DDOS (known as denial of service attacks) and 3rd party companies trying to add malware to our website for unsuspecting visitors. This service is provided by Clean Talk. You can read the GDPR and Privacy statement of our anti-malware and firewall supplier here.

SSL Certificate

For browsing protection, we use SSL certificates to ensure that you are connecting to our site legitimately and not a copy cat version of our site. Site security can be determined by looking for the padlock icon next to the website URL. If the padlock is not present, it is highly recommended that you do not supply any personal information and immediately stop using the site for your own security.

In the event of a missing padlock, please contact us via your own email provider to


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