Remote Support

When your computer is running and on the internet, avoid waiting times for engineers, Remote Support is for you!

Remote Support – What is it?

In short, it’s support that is carried out remotely. It’s designed to allow an IT Technician to see and control your computer, saving time describing exactly what you see on the screen. This also means the Technician can also apply fixes as if the computer were right in front of them!

Computer or Mobile?

We can assist with both. Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

Sharing files

Remote support allows us to transfer log files, send fixes and other types of digital repair.

No need to leave the room.

With the ability to access your machine from anywhere, this means you can be where you want to be. As long as you have an internet connection and can log in to your computer. In some cases, you need to be able to install programs with your log in for us to apply fixes.

Fast & Easy Work

Save time and money by booking remote support. No engineer call outs needed.

We see what you do

By mirroring what you can see, this means you don’t have to explain a thing about what’s on the screen.

Best examples of Remote Repairs

Still not sure if Remote Support is going to suit your challenge? Check out some of our best case scenarios where this support comes in handy!

Error Messages

Error messages when logged in is exactly what this service is made for.

Lost and found

Missing files on your computer? We can remotely find them.

Mobile trouble?

Having issues with a mobile phone app and want support?

Clean that storage

Sometimes just a quick clean can spruce those circuits nicely.

Viruses and Malware

Pesky bugs can cause slowness and corruption. A quick scan and you’re sorted.

Computer Updates

Sometimes updates fail to install. We have tools and tricks to grab a fresh set of updates.

Download Now

To download the remote support client, click on the download button below. Just give us the 9-Digit code that appears and we will do the rest.

In most cases you will need to agree to allowing system changes for us to apply fixes. If you don’t agree , that’s not a problem. We can still get on, just not carry out system changes for you.



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