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Pretend or Friend is the newest concept aimed at 5 to 9 year old children to support learning about stranger safety both offline, and online. Fun for parents, educators, professionals and children, Pretend or Friend teaches children how to share experiences with parents & guardians when meeting new friends, creating inclusion and trust.


 Coming mid-2020



Where did this all start?

I’m John, also known as “Tech Doctor” which to most, would come across as a totally irrelevant thing when we talk about child safety and strangers.

However, owning a technology support company and being a father to my own 6 year old girl, stranger safety is much a concern to me as it will be for other parents, guardians, teachers and professionals.

Why a card and board game?

It’s very easy for children to play a game on a tablet or computer, and easily forget about it once they’ve logged off. There’s nothing for them to really experience other than sounds and visuals.

Digital games can also cause social exclusion for young children who aren’t using Social Media yet. Games consoles rarely have two player modes anymore where both players are sitting in the same room.

What’s in it for the kids?

A fun learning experience in awareness of how to learn about including trusted adults in their experiences with meeting new friends both online, and offline.

The game focuses on situations, such as talking to a person at the park and being offered to go and see something exciting. Instead of wandering off to look, they want to share this experience with an adult they are with so that the guardian is aware of what is going on.

What’s in it for the adults?

Introducing a way for your children to start learning from a young age about stranger danger, without making the child feel they have done something wrong.

It gives you a way to interact with your child in ways that will help them feel excited to talk about their experience with meeting someone new, whilst keeping you informed about what has been said and done.

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Isn’t 5 – 9 too early?

Children are more likely to be introduced to online games and Social Media from a young age.

The dangers, however, aren’t always online.

Stranger danger can come from other people who are in regular contact with your child, so by teaching them from a young age how to spot the signs of when something isn’t right, we help children learn how to get parents and professionals involved right away.

What kind of content will there be?

Because we are designing the game for 5 – 9 year old children, we won’t be using the direct approach content that could scare or alarm a child. Instead, we will be using pictures and friendship scenarios. For example:

“You meet a new friend at the park. This friend invites you to go back to their house to play. Which parent would you take with you?”

In this scenario, we are giving the child the knowledge that they should be bringing a parent with them to go and play.

From the adults view, this could be a situation where a child may be approached and offered to leave the park, but instead the child would go back to the guardian about their experience and how excited they are at the idea of playing with toys.

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To stay up to date with the progress of this game, hit the button below!

Meet the team

Name: TBC

Name: TBC

Name: TBC

Name: TBC

Name: TBC

More updates to come in 2020

It’s important that children relate to the games they play, so we are making sure that our team of robots have special names and roles. Over the coming months, we will be adding updates and news to this page, so to be kept up to date with this, register your interest below.

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