COVID-19 – Guidelines and Conditions

Everything you need to know about how we handle face to face contact and what to do if you need to have us come out and visit.

Where possible we will opt to perform tasks remotely. Only once a fault or task has been deemed that a site visit is needed to resolve a challenge, will we offer on site support.

If you feel something is missing or not easily understood, we welcome your feedback here.

Minimum Requirements for having us come out to your address or site

Track and Trace app

As of Friday the 25th September 2020, we are asking that all staff or clients whom we come in contact with now have the track and trace app installed. This is a minimum requirement and we will check upon arrival.

For businesses with multiple staff, we understand this may not be possible in all circumstances, so we ask for staff who can’t confirm the app is present to distance from any engineer or contractor during site visits.

To get the app:

For Android users: Click here

For Apple users: Click here


Temperature Checks

Our engineers and contractors will carry non-touch temperature scanners to verify the temperature of clients if we are entering premises where it is enclosed, such as homes and small offices where distancing is restricted.

Masks, gloves and hygiene

When we attend site, we will use at minimum face coverings and masks. All staff and contractors should have two variants of face coverings:

Standard face coverings: This style of mask is to restrict face touching and how far air droplets travel from the engineer or contractor. It does offer more protection against inhaling contaminants and droplets than not using any face coverings. You will recognize this covering as black with rear-head Velcro straps to prevent slipping or dropping.

KN95 face masks: This style of mask is to prevent 95% of small particle contaminants and droplets from being inhaled by the engineer or contractor, as well as absorbing a huge percentage of exhaled droplets and contaminants as well. This mask is white with elasticated straps whilst displaying KN95 on each side of the mask.

We do not require businesses or residential clients to wear masks or face coverings during our visits, but ask that a 2m distancing be kept too whilst on site.

Our engineers and staff are instructed to hand sanitize before and after attending site, as well as following strict hygiene rules whilst on and off site as well.

If you are unsure if the engineer or contractor has sanitized their hands, do not be afraid to ask our staff to sanitize their hands in front of you for your own peace of mind.

Health Awareness

We will ask if there have been any evidence of the common symptoms of Coronavirus in the last 14 days:

Dry Cough
Any tests pending or results within the last 14 days

We understand that medical information is personal and refusal to disclose is solely with the client, however, this may impact how soon we can attend if we are not able to determine how safe it is for us to attend site.

For GDPR compliance, we do not record the information provided relating to symptoms and test results. This information is specific to the assessment of determining if we can attend site safely.

Site visit schedules and service exceptions

Due to current restrictions and Government guidelines, we have reviewed our site visit policies as follows:

Maximum time on site

Our maximum time on site is 1 hour from time of arrival. Unless prearranged before hand or part of a project. This is to ensure our engineers and contractors carry the necessary amount of personal protective equipment and sanitation products to carry out all the required visits for that day.

Cancellations and Schedule alterations

Due to the nature of alerts and track & trace, we may need to reschedule or cancel appointments at last minute notice.

Whilst we will do everything in our ability to attend appointments, if we are notified by the NHS to quarantine any of our engineers or contractors, we may need time to arrange alternative appointments.

If you, or anyone on site has been notified to quarantine prior to our arrival, you must notify us right away by calling 01767 668616 or 07825554848.

Failure to notify of quarantine by clients

If you, or anyone on site or at home has been notified to quarantine prior to our arrival and you do not inform us prior to arrival and we attend site, we reserve the right to charge for the administrative time related to tasks of notifying clients whom we attended following your visit.

The minimum charge for this is £60, however, we reserve the right to waiver this depending on the circumstances surrounding failure to notify us.

Equipment drop off and collections

It is important to know that dropping equipment off or site collections (non-entry doorstep collection of devices) have different policies relating to the above guidelines.

Dropping off equipment to us

All sites are by appointment only, which must be adhered too. Our staff will ask if the device has been cleaned or wiped down with antibacterial agents prior to arrival.

If not, we reserve the right to hold the device in storage for a minimum of 3 days prior to working on the device. This is to allow any contaminants to die off prior to undertaking any work.

Collections from site

If we are collecting from you, we ask that all devices where possible are wrapped in a bag or plastic covering to allow us to transport the device to our workshop. This is so that we can wipe down any surfaces that we may come in contact with during handling of the device.

Additionally, where possible, we ask that devices are ready on doorsteps or reception areas for easy access or collections.


Dropping off equipment following repairs

When we work on devices, we use masks and environments where hygiene is paramount. Your device upon return will be inside a bag or plastic covering where possible. We also clean the devices prior to putting into bags or coverings.

Whilst we have taken every care and caution to remove or clean any contaminants from devices prior to placing in bags or coverings, we still recommend wiping bags or coverings with antibacterial agents and keeping to hygiene recommendations for at least 24 hours following drop off. This is due to the bags or covers being able to collect contaminants outside of our control.


Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time, alongside Government guidelines.


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