This months competition:

Get your hands on one of three Xbox Series S consoles in this months competition.

Grab your share of over £1,000 worth of prizes before Christmas!

Competition has ended








Three winning consoles. 

This months competition has three winners. Two winners get a console with an extra black controller, two rechargeable battery packs & cables.

Always ready.
Times two.

The two winners get two battery packs for their two controllers, rechargeable with cable. With advanced gaming, comes the need for on demand and ready to go controllers.

Xbox games

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Xbox games – Launch exclusive

The Falconeer

competition information

What is up for grabs?

Three consoles. Three winners. One Games Pass.

This month, we have three Xbox Series S consoles up for grabs. Two of those consoles come with an extra black Xbox Series S controller and rechargeable battery packs. The third console only comes with the standard Xbox Series S white controller inside the box.

We are giving you the chance to play to win in three categories. One chance to play for the standard console, one chance for the console with extra controller and the top prize of console, extra controller and 1 years Xbox Ultimate Pass.

Prize information

How much is each prize worth?

entry information

How to enter?

Three easy steps to play

Step 1: Pick which tier you want to go up too.

To enter the competition we have three levels of cost:

£5 will get you an entry in the low-tier category
£7.50 will get you an entry in both the low and mid-tier category
£10 will get you an entry in all three categories

Step 2: Answer the following question:

Which games publisher has Microsoft recently bought?

A: Bethesda Game Studios
B: ZeniMax Media
C: Mojang

Step 3: Tell us your answer and how much you’re paying.

By using the button below, you will be given a 4 digit unique code which will be your entry number. You will also be sent email instructions on how to pay for your entry.

Just drop in the subject line “Xbox Competition” and in the main part of the email, your answer along with how much you are paying. That’s it!

If you are purchasing multiple entries or entries on behalf of someone else, codes must be requested separately in order to count. One code is equal to one entry.

Entries available to UK residents aged 18 or over. Always gamble responsibly. Gambling involves risk, so only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose. DRJPCS LTD can not be held responsible for any kind of losses incur as a result of following our recommended guidelines on our site. Our gambling content is designed to allow participants to make an informed decision on how they want to gamble, but the end decision is always down to the participant to play.

DRJPCS LTD will only take payment towards entries into competitions, and as such will not take into consideration offers of removing competitions in exchange for cash incentives or alternitives. All prizes on offer are guaranteed and are purchased, in our possession and ready to dispatch within 24 hours of a winner being picked.

We do our best to ensure that all participants have equal chances to win, although extra entries does increase the odds that a particiant is more likely to have one of their entries selected as a winner. All entries, however, are equal in chance of winning where no single entry has a higher chance of being selected over other single entries.

To view our policies and conditions, go here.

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