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IT Consulting & IT Services Since 2013

Since we served our first residential customer back in September 2013, hundreds of customers have experienced the 5 star support that we pride ourselves on. We’ve come a long way in the last 7 years and thrive to keep going as a strong supporter of local community support both in I.T Services and local initiatives.

You can find our more about what we do by reading on.

Approximate Gigabytes of data processed in data backups by us each month

Years Of Experience

Years in business

2013 - Where it all began.

February – Dr Jones PC Support originally started. John Jones (now IT Services Director) began working at Bedfordshire Police in their ICT Department, however, did not service it’s first residential customer until September. This is why we officially use September as our flagship date, not February.

The original name for Dr Jones PC Support was going to be Biggs Tech Support, but this was later changed to a more unique brand.

2014 - Steady growth and social building.

July – We saw our 10th customer. Since then, we began to grow steadily with word of mouth.

December – Our Facebook page was created on the 9th following a 18 months of service.

2015 - Digital progression and way less trees.

June – Our website was born on 28th.

August – Dr Jones PC Support had hit it’s promise to become 99% paperless. By August the following year, we used less than 50 sheets of paper. Approximately 20 of those were test prints to make sure our printer was still working and the rest were photocopies or return to supplier print outs. The only other source of paper, was card receipts.

2016 - First business customer and plenty of stars.

April – We filed for VAT Registration.

July – We served our first contracted business customer, Harrisons Accountancy Limited. By the end of the year, we began servicing more businesses locally.

August – Dr Jones PC Support had received its 50th 5 star rating on Facebook.

2017 - More automation, going corporate & paperless finances.

February – We introduced our first system to manage and monitor requests. This improved customer relations by providing a place for our customers to look at regular updates, and with an easy way to alert us to requests.

April – We went 100% paperless for all financial transactions. All receipts were electronic. Still hitting 99% paperless in all other areas.

October – We went from Sole Trader to Limited Company. 

2018 - New staff and new relationships.

January – Our first apprentice started with us.

May – We met GDPR expectations and streamlined all systems within Dr Jones PC Support to match this. We took a minimalist approach to data handling. Now, the only identifiable data we ever retain are name, address (if a collection or delivery was requested), email & contact number. 

June – Dr Jones PC Support restructured the way we handled expectations, turned this into positive management and delivery.

October  – We obtained our Microsoft Partner status to begin offering Cloud Services to our customers directly, instead of via 3rd party suppliers.

2019 - Global Expansion and charitable causes

January – We partnered with a US based company to begin offering technology support in the United States.

March – We collaborated all systems we use into three key areas. Service Management, Service Delivery and Customer Experience. All systems within Dr Jones PC Support now come under these categories to pin point areas of excellence as well as areas we can improve our services.

April – We signed an ongoing agreement with Marie Curie UK to provide regular donations through sales and services.

June – Our support plans were consolidated into two plans to provide more value and structured support to our clients and customers. This also provided easy and simple ways for our customers to manage budgets and expectations.

November – DRJPCS LTD began to profit as reflected in yearly financial reports. Company growth up and spending down.

December – We hit our 99% paperless promise for the 4th year running.

2020 - Staying Strong

January – Focus on reducing our systems count whilst improving on customer support. Our aim is to have our systems and services aligned to our growing customer base, offering better solutions for more cost effective rates.

February – New structured rates to reflect the simple solutions promise we make to our customers.


2021 - Current Year

April – New Service – Websites & domain hosting.


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We serve clients in the UK and the US in getting the best out of their IT with budget friendly support models. Our aim is to provide high levels of support for our clients and customers so that you can feel reassured your technology challenges are in good hands.

With simple pricing and many ways to let us know about your support requests, you stay in control of how you use us. 

With many services to benefit new and existing clients alike, it’s easy to see why Dr Jones PC Support becomes the one place our clients go to with all things technology.

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Automated ticket & update system

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