Windows 10 users are seeing this screen when they try and print

Users of Windows 10 print driver nightmare

Recent internet news shows that Microsoft have released an update which changes the way the system handles printing requests. You might have seen it yourself, which is why you’ve arrived to this blog.

Chances are, like millions of worldwide folks, you are running a business and a simple task like hitting print on your latest invoice has resulted in losing your unsaved work or worse…Losing your operating system completely.

Fear not, as the good Dr here has just the prescription for you. Grab a brew and let’s get you printing again.

First up, your version of Windows 10.

First off, we need to get you to where your version of Windows is. To do this, click on start -> settings -> system -> about.

Under windows specifications, it will tell you which edition of Windows 10 you are running. Make a note of this for the rest of this guide.

Time to stop that peksy update coming back.

Now we need to get you to where your Windows updates are managed. To do this, click on home (the house up top left) -> settings -> update & security.

Once in the update & security menu system, Windows Updates is normally the first window that appears. If not, look at the top of the list on the left.

First thing, is to stop the update from reappearing again once uninstalled, so click on Advanced options and scroll to the bottom. Click on the drop down for pause updates and set this as far into the future as you want.

There is no save button as it is automatic, so go ahead and click on the left arrow up the top left to go back to the main Windows update screen.

Time to remove that peksy update.

You should have now noticed that the update screen is telling you that updates are paused. If not, go back a step and repeat.

Click on view update history where it will show you a list of updates previously installed on your system.

Now you should see the uninstall updates text just under the house icon up top left. Click on that to enter.

The list will look big with lots of numbers and text. You can ignore most of this as we are looking for a specific KB number in the list. Depending on which version of Windows 10 you are running will depend on the number you are looking for:


  • KB5000802 & KB5000082 (version 2004/20H2)
  • KB5000803 (Windows Server)
  • KB5000808 (version 1909)
  • KB5000809 (version 1809)
  • KB5000822 (version 1803).

Find the update applicable to your version of Windows 10, double click to uninstall. Once the uninstall is complete, you will be prompted to restart now or later. Chose which one suits you right now.

The uninstall can take between 5  minutes and 15 minutes depending on your system speed and the restart itself can take up to 10 minutes to complete. Your system will reboot twice during this time.

Test your system once the reboot has completed and see if the issue has now resolved itself.

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