Identify these? Hold my beer…

There’s homework, and there’s not a hope in hell.

Thankfully, when it comes to a lot of tech stuff, it’s second nature to me. One thing in this world that really pushes me to strive to support is when our youth asks for help with technology. It’s pride and responsibility all rolled up into a firework that goes off every time I am asked to help another student with understanding tech.

Today, the Technology Doctor prescribes you a biscuit and a brew. Consume biscuit and wash down thoroughly with beverage. This ones going to be your new favorite.

So what is a Motherboard and what has this to do with homework?

In short, it’s the board inside a computer that makes everything talk to everything. Without one, you have no computer.

A friend of mine posted on Social Media asking for help in identifying the different parts for a homework assignment. Sixteen different parts to be exact. Amazingly enough, this is homework for twelve year old students.


In typical Technology Doctor fashion, on goes the knowledge hat and the Photoshop skills come out. Time to get to work!

So we start with this…

Can you spot all sixteen numbers?

…and we end up with this:

Ta-da! Insta-done. High quality text-to-picture editing skills.

Problem. The student needs to know the parts AND what they do.

Oh dang. That’s rough. Time to get typing! Yup, you guessed it. Each and every part explained. 

Lucky for me, after spending years in the Tibetan Mountains, soaring the high skies and swimming the deepest oceans, I’ve learned how to up my game in easy explanation of technology. 

[disclaimer: mountains, skies and oceans may not have happened. Feel free to contact me if you feel like you want to ask about this, or ask me about your technology.]

So crack them knuckles and away we go, typing out the best answers that could be given on the topic. Twenty-Two comments later and a wealth of tech knowledge released into the post, it was done.

Look, answers! Now we don’t need to copy someone else.

Giving students the answers is a good thing.

As long as they learn from it. The biggest motivation in our lives should be giving the next generations a chance to grow and thrive with their own understanding to life’s challenges. After all, they are the future of this world.

We should be nurturing our youth to be able to speak up and tell us when they don’t understand, or perhaps they are not alone when it comes to knowing things. This, along with all the lessons that we can teach, should be a motivation for any adult in guiding our younger generations for years to come.

After all that is said and done, it’s about”Thank You.”

Removing the stress from both the mothers and daughters experience of the homework assignment, worth it.

Running an IT Company isn’t just about business, it’s about being able to improve the lives of others through technology, even if it is just a print out.

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