Homework. That topic of discussion that either makes parents shudder at the idea of having to get involved in things we have zero clue about, or, endless debates between couples over who has better knowledge or skill in a particular topic.

If you’re anything like most families, each parent has their particular subject of expertise.

I spoke to a parent of a child who was given the task of identifying computer motherboard components. WTF was certainly mentioned, and no that wasn’t an acronym for Welcome to Facebook.

Better grab your mug, strongest beverage if you will, and let the Tech Doctor show you the power of Social Media when it comes to asking for a helping hand.

There’s homework, and there’s being subconsciously slapped by a text book for not knowing the subject inside. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with not knowing everything that haunts the inner space of your child’s “black hole” book bag. Books of vicious text, ready to pounce on your intellect to show you who’s boss.

If anything, it shines the reality of school homework was very different when you or I were back in our days of academics. The good old days of sticking shapes down in your notes book and adding some colour is now a thing of history.

Kids these days literally come home with something that looks like the plans to world domination. Apparently it’s called Common Core Multiplication.

What’s in the photo? 

It’s a computer motherboard.

In short: The brain of any digital piece of technology. Connects lots of different parts to make up the very thing you are reading this blog post on.

So what does a Motherboard have this to do with homework? 

Scrolling Facebook. a friend posted on Social Media asking for help in identifying the areas of a motherboard for her daughters homework assignment. Sixteen different parts to be exact. This is homework for twelve year old students.


On goes the knowledge hat and the Microsoft Paint skills come out. Time to get to work!

Behold! The Motherboard. Even the fatherboard knows not to ask too many questions.

Challenge: The student needs to know the parts AND what they do. 

Oh dang. That’s rough. Time to get typing! Lucky for me, after spending years in the Tibetan Mountains, soaring the high skies and swimming the deepest oceans, I’ve learned how to up my game in easy explanation of technology. 

[disclaimer: mountains, skies and oceans may not have happened.]

So crack them knuckles and away we go, typing out the best answers that could be given on the topic.

And all we did is searched YouTube and looked for the video with the most views…

Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to use the internet for help. 

Giving students the answers is a good thing.

As long as they learn from it. The biggest motivation in our lives should be giving the next generations a chance to grow and thrive with their own understanding to life’s challenges.

If all else fails, Google it or ask on Facebook. There’s always someone on hand to point you in the right direction.

One of the biggest challenges in nurturing a child’s growth is the right knowledge, and as parents spending the time with them to help them learn how to seek out and research the unknown. The internet is a wealth of knowledge.

The routines and patterns we teach our children today, become the road map for their future tomorrow. 

Do you ever come across the most shocking of homework assignments that make you go “WTF?” Let us know in the comments!

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