Have you ever been standing at the petrol station, wallet / purse in hand and you open up to find a miracle…A crisp note staring you in the face. What appears to be once forgotten, you’re now in credit and that bag of sweets now seems a reality. 

Like…Woah. Best-feeling-ever.

So now you’ve munched the best tasting bag of sweets your taste buds have come across because (seemingly) free stuff always tastes better…Right?

Well, grab yourself a cuppa because the Tech Doctor is about to show you some of the weirdest (and in some cases, disgusting) contents to be found when repairing computers. 

Piggy Banks are so last century

“Oink, clink.”

The pig.

Expert coin keeper

Is it really the end for Piggy Banks?

The last time I heard a pig go “Shake, Rattle and Bang!” was sitting down with my daughter watching an episode of Peppa Pig. Fast forward some months to getting a phone call about someones desktop computer, literally blowing smoke.

“It’s literally smoking! I’ve turned it off and the smoke is dying out.”
“Yup, Yup, bring it in and let’s take a look.”

Rightfully so, this machine was having none of it. The smell of burnt electronics was evident that the computers internal workings had a shocking end. Or so we thought.

Not so secret stash…

Upon opening the case, there was evidence of burnt material inside. Paper to be exact. We cleaned all the burnt debris out and came across what looked like the remnants of what could have been a £20 note.

Given the amount of ash in the case, one note alone shouldn’t have caused that much smoke. In the end, it turned out that the gentleman had bought a second hand computer with money stashed inside an envelope, tapped to the inner case.

The envelope (between the heat and air that would be been produced) managed to burn, destroying the contents inside.

I bet regular checkups don’t seem such a bad deal now, right?

Did somebody lose the cat?

A typical day in the life of a laptop. Get turned on, have your keys pressed for a bit, take in some sandwich crumbs between the keys, suck in the cat…

Hold on…The cat?!

Well, no. Not exactly. But cats shed hair at an incredible rate of speed. When you brush a cat, you’re virtually creating a brand new cat minus the actual body. Dogs are no better (unless like me, you have Cockerpoo’s which shed very little.)

So our customer calls up and explains that her laptop sounds like she is sitting on the runway of Luton Airport, about to take off. We ask for it to be brought in.

We’re not going to ask you to not look at this picture, because you’ll look anyway. It’s gross.

Carpet World offer that in pink. Taken from this post.

Needless to say, once the hairy caterpillar was removed, the laptop was silent again and free to collect more lunchtime deposits between the keys.

So there you have it. Getting your computer or laptop regularly cleaned can be the difference to finding potential treasure, or a new pet. Got a comment you’d like to make? See the box below!Until next time, keep checking that wallet.

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